Seth Godin, one of my favorite Marketing writers, wrote:

“Marketing is about spreading ideas, and spreading ideas is the single most important output of our civilization”.

Whenever we “Market” something (ourselves, a Product, a Company, an Idea…) we have a responsibility, and we must be professional and ethical: this means telling a true, credible and interesting story to our Customers, and win a place in their mind – the place we want to occupy. Identifying and articulating the Story (the Idea) you want to spread is at the core of YOUR Positioning and Brand Identity.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to define how I can help you through your strategic and marketing challenges.

I have a solid Technical background and a broad Network in the fields of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics (Clinical Pathology, Healthcare Systems, Laboratory Organization and Automation) – with my broad and in-depth experience I will guide you through your Marketing and Strategic challenges:


Product Management

Understanding Market data and assigning to them the right (often very limited, indeed…) value and mastering, through the entire Product Lifecycle, performance and resources: it sounds easy and basics, but I’ve seen too many products and projects prematurely dead due to analytical overconfidence and “forsaking after launch”…

Marketing Strategy & Product Positioning

Being able to master all the basic Strategy Tools, not for the sake of filling a template, but for understanding and articulating what is the “unique” position of your Product in the mind of your Customers

Value Based Marketing

You must create Value for your Shareholders, for sure…but this is not possible without creating Value (a unique Value Proposition) for your Customers – understanding your Customers’ needs and pain points, a sound definition of Value and tools to measure it are the unique key to be successful and outperform Competition today, and building Trust and Loyalty through Satisfaction for tomorrow.

Corporate Communication & Branding

Today Product’s Features and Benefits are becoming less and less important – in the “Age of Cognition” the subtle emotional message of your Company’s history is the grounding of Brand Identity, the best way your Company has to reach its Customers minds – learn the basics and avoid the most common mistakes – but use your Creativity and your truth, not jut copying others, even if they are (perceived as) the best…