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In the beginning was the Thought, and the thought was Radiant… Our thought doesn’t develop in a linear and sequential fashion, it doesn’t proceed, step by step, along a single logic path.
In our brain an Idea consists of a network of interconnected, communicating Neurons: a novel idea is the result of the building up of a new neural network. Our thought develops radiantly: it starts from a central idea, and then branches out in many different directions, it flows following our imagination and associations – it uses words, images, symbols, colours…
The closer the way we record information (ideas, concepts, facts) is to the natural working of our thought, the better we can recall this information and elaborate it to create new ideas.
Mind Maps are based on this basic principle: invented by Tony Buzan as a tool for learning and memorizing, they are visual representations of Radiant Thinking: as they “mirror” radiant thinking, they can help us getting rid of the linear/sequential thinking’s constraints.
When we face increasing complexity and information overload, Mind Maps are powerful cognitive tools, to successfully map, decode and simplify an ambiguous, volatile and unpredictable reality.

Mind Maps (sometimes called “The swiss Knife of Thought”) have shown their incredible power when used to “generate, visualize, structure and classify ideas, and as an aid to studying and organizing information, solving problems, making decisions” [Source: Wikipedia]; they’ve been highlighted as fundamental learning tools by Sir Ken Robinson (“The Element”), as amazing creativity and innovation tools by Bill Gates, David Sibbet (“Visual Meetings”), and Stephen Ludin (“Fish” and “CATS”).
Top global Corporations and Institutions worldwide are regularly using Mind Mapping for managing and planning, for developing individual and group creative thinking.
Mind Mapping is an indispensable resource in facilitation and development of Problem Solving, especially when based on Brainstorming.
Mind Mapping integrates perfectly with other Visual Thinking tools, to build up a brand new, dynamic and innovative “toolkit”, to effectively tackle emerging business challenges.

During my years long managerial practice I’ve enjoyed the benefits of using Mind Maps’ business applications; I’ve later had the pleasure and honor of graduating as a ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor with Tony Buzan in person, and as such I’m committed to spread the use of Mind Maps as a cognitive and creative tool.

I offer Training Sessions for individuals or teams, based on the well consolidated ThinkBuzan programs – nonetheless I’m totally available to develop customized and specifically targeted programs, to help you, whatever your development need or goal (either as a stand alone event or as part of a Corporate Management Development program).

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