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Today’s and tomorrow’s Business Leaders must be able to understand and change new types of context.
To face increasing complexity and information overload, new cognitive tools are required in order to successfully map, decode and simplify an ambiguous, volatile and unpredictable reality.
Being innovative requires a clear and compelling communication to convey concepts, ideas and emotions, to call others to action, share a project, a goal and a path.
Various researchers (e.g. Childers & Houston, 1984) have shown the unquestionable superiority of visualization (representation and elaboration of ideas and concepts through images) over verbal elaboration, when it comes to learning and recalling.
Realistically, visualization makes up the foundations of both communication and leadership:

– Conveying a clear, motivational message, through an involving and memorable storytelling, as taught by Garr Reynolds with his “Presentation Zen” approach;

– Challenging business models to modify them or creating new ones, to change the rules of the game (as with Alex Osterwalder’s Business Model Generation®);

– Achieving best alignment and cooperation within Teams and during meetings (as taught by David Sibbet).

A long managerial practice made me appreciate the integration of different Visual Thinking tools to face business challenges with a new, dynamic and innovative approach.

I offer Training Sessions for individuals or teams, based on well consolidated programs – nonetheless I’m totally available to develop customized and specifically targeted programs, to help you, whatever your development need or goal (either as a stand alone event or as part of a Corporate Management Development program).

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